O'Brien County Cemetery
Preservation Association

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Our Organization


Our Vision 

The O’Brien County Cemetery Preservation Association (OCCPA) aspires to preserve the pioneer cemeteries of O’Brien County Iowa as a tribute to the early settlers of this area.

Our Mission

The mission of the O’Brien Country Cemetery Preservation Association is to locate, record, restore and maintain all the pioneer cemeteries of O’Brien County Iowa.

Our Goal

To continue our efforts of restoring and preserving O’Brien County Iowa’s pioneer cemeteries.  The process will include:

1.      The Association will conduct extensive historical research on the cemeteries themselves and those buried therein. We will make the information available and at area libraries.

2.      The Association will preserve and maintain the cemeteries themselves and the stones therein by.

                                                   a.     Cleaning up intact stones.

                                                   b.     Conserving broken stones.

                                                   c.     Erecting new stones in instances where the exact burial location is known but there is no existing marker.

3.      We will erect signs to aid those interested in the cemeteries.

a.      Directory signs in each cemetery including the names, dates of birth and death and the location of those buried therein (when possible).  The directory will also include a map of the cemetery.

b.      Location sign marking the location of each cemetery at their respective entrances.

c.      Directional signs on the nearest paved road to each cemetery indicates the route to each cemetery.